Dr Oz: Cardamom Tea for Fighting Sugar Cravings

Are you good all week long about when you allow yourself just a little treat it sparks an onslaught of cravings for days after? Well you’re not alone! 

Dr Oz spoke recently about the benefits of cardamom spice, when taken as a tea it has been proven to be very effective at combating those pesky sugar cravings. Dr Oz says the average American is over consuming sugar by 16 teaspoons a day! That can have very detrimental side effects and lead to a host of issues sooner rather than later.


Dr Oz Cardamom Usage

The best way to get the sugar smacking effects of Cardamom is to take it before you get a craving. So once if you know you tend to get them u the evening than that may be the perfect time for you brew up some of the cardamom tea. 

Cardamom Benefits

Cardamom has long been used as a subtle sweetener in desserts and for making certain dishes sweeter. 

Dr Oz How to take Cardamom 

  •     Sprinkle Cardamom on your morning oatmeal
  •     Drink Cardamom Tea (Dr. Oz’s mentions that this is his favorite tea)


Where to Buy Cardamom Tea

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By David Schroer