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Dr Oz Catechins from Green Tea for Weight-Loss

In the 7 Belly Busters that Work Segment on a recent episode of the Dr Oz show. Dr Oz mentioned various ways that we can help rid dangerous inflammation causing fat from our bodies. One of these is Catechins commonly found in Green Tea!

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Shrink Fat Cells with Catechins

The fat that can be found around your belly is refetrred to as omentum, which has been classified as the most dangerous type of fat. Due to the fact that it raises inflammation levels in the body. These cells do not multiply like other fat,  omentum fat cells grow and expand. We can fight this by incorporating a caloric deficit diet, exercise as well as supplementing with Green Tea Extract, or drinking a high quality Green Tea.

Dr Oz Catechin Green Tea Dosage

If you wish to take Green Tea in Supplement Form Dr Oz informs us to find an extract that is concentrated for Catechins and has a high content of them.

For Green Tea Dr Oz says the maximum benefit is to drink two cups every morning. Let the tea steep for 20 minutes and drink it warm. You can add natural sweetener to the drink if you dislike the bitter taste.


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By David Schroer