Dr Oz Top Supplements for Colds and Flu

Dr Oz mentions his 3 Top Supplements for dealing with colds and a flu which will help you fight your illness and help you get back on your feet. Dr Oz suggests supplements that have been shown to shorten certain colds and these supplements could even reduce the risk of you getting sick in the first place.

Supplements Cold Flu

3 Top Supplements:

  • Echinacea
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin D

Dr Oz Echinacea

Are you having trouble breathing or in fact dealing with a respiratory infection? Echinacea has been shown to help you with these related issues. Several studies suggest that Echinacea will actual reduce some of your symptoms pretty quickly and also help you fight off your stubborn cold much faster.

Dr Oz suggests being careful when picking out the right supplement for Echinacea. He tells you to be careful when purchasing a proprietary blend or a form of the supplement that doesn't have the proper doses written out clearly.

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Dr Oz Zinc

Our immune systems are incredible specimens in which they can help us stay healthy and fight off colds. Something you don't want to be lacking is Zinc because it acts as fuel for your immune system to be productive. It's not uncommon for older people to be lacking Zinc so make sure you have the right amount of Zinc in your system. 

Also if you take Zinc as a lozenge it will significantly reduce redness in your throat and provide you with relief when you have a bad cold. I advise you to be careful when taking Zinc because taking too much isn't a good thing either so don't pop these lozenges like candy. Please refer to the bottle for the proper dosage so you stay healthy and take advantage of the benefits.

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Dr Oz Vitamin D

Now if you already have plenty of Vitamin D in your system, then you need not worry about supplementing Vitamin D. A great source of Vitamin D is actually the sun. However studies suggest as many as 40% of people are deficient in Vitamin D so supplementing it may be a good idea.

Vitamin D is going to reduce your risk of getting the flu and help you fight off pneumonia before it begins. Dr Oz says people with darker skin, people who are older, and obese people are much more likely to be deficient so he suggests you supplement Vitamin D in your diet.

Vitamin D-3

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By Vince Malfeo