On the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz and his guest Dr. Chen discussed a supplement, that is both their personal favorites, that promotes healthy hormone regulation leading to healthy weight managment. While Dr. Chen and Dr. Oz would prefer you get the nutrients from your food, they said as you age it is much harder to absorb this suppement in your diet, but the supplement is made in a format to be more easily absorbed by the body. What is that natural dietary aid? DIM Complex!

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What is DIM?

DIM is a natural compound produced during the digestion of cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, DIM helps balance out hormones. Research shows that estrogen contributes to fat below the waist; DIM helps block fat from accumulating in this area.

What Does Dr. Oz and Dr. Chen Say about DIM?

Dr. Julie Chen told Dr. Oz that it is also one of her personal favorites and she recommends it to patients all the time. She explained that taking DIM has been shown to help balance your hormones, but some of the early studies are also showing it could prevent cancer. DIM is found in many food sources, like broccoli and cabbage, but Dr. Chen recommends a supplement because you would need to eat about two pounds of cruciferous vegetables every day to get the same benefit as taking DIM in pill form.

How Much DIM do I need for Heathly Weight Management?

For healthy weight management and weight loss Dr. Oz and Dr. Chen both recommend taking between 100mg-200mg per day depending on your goals.

  • For Overweight Health Issues take 200mg per day
  • For Healthy Weight Management take 100mg per day

Where Can I Purchase DIM?

You can purchase DIM for just $11.99 in a 100mg dose!

By Tony Brettman