By David Schroer

Dr Oz & Dr Lemole Arnica Gel with Massage

On a recent Episode of the Dr Oz Show, Dr Oz and Guest Dr. Gerald Lemole recommended using Arnica Gel with massage for enhancing the lymph system and minimizing pain and sore/tight muscles!



Dr Oz & Dr Lemole Arnica Gel: What is it?


Made from the extracts of the petals of the arnica flower, native European flower, has been used as a topical remedy for pain and soreness for centuries! Also known as leopard’s bane, grows up in the mountains is cultivated in herb gardens for its potent medical properties. Arnica’s yellow flowers are harvested at the end of each summer season and then dried for products like Arnica Gel for massage!

Dr Oz & Dr Lemole Arnica Gel Application

The best area for arnica gel application is on the back of the neck where it should be rubbed in a downwards motion to help activate the arnica into the lymph system and effectively be absorbed into the body.


Dr Oz & Dr Lemole Arnica Gel Benefits

  • Relief of Skin Disorders
  • Relief of Arthritis
  • Relief for Bruises, Aches, Muscle Pain

Arnica Gel Side Effects & Warnings

Dr Oz Recommends Topical Use only, Ingestion of the herb irritates mucous membranes and may cause dizziness, vomiting, heart irregularities and tremors.


Dr Oz & Dr Lemole Where to Buy Arnica Gel 

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