Dr Oz Dr Weil Evening Primrose Oil

On a recent Episode of Dr Oz Dr Weil went over his tom supplement picks among CoQ10 he also recommended Evening Primrose Oil.


What is Evening Primrose Oil & GLA

The body requires GLA in order to convert it into prostaglandin. This hormone regulates body activities such as blood pressure, body temperature, fluid balance and nerve impulses. Supplement your diet with primrose oil to treat skin issues such as acne and eczema, relieve pain from age related aches and pains, alleviate issues with reproductive health such as pregnancy, PMS and menopause and to improve brain function



Hair Skin and Nail Health

Reduce Acne and Eczeme

Boost Brain Function


Dr Oz: Dr Weil Directions and Dosage

Take 500 MG, 2 times per day


Where to Buy Evening Primrose Oil 

We Carry Evening Primrose Here 


By David Schroer