By David Schroer

 dr oz prickly pear

Dr Oz & Dr Weil Prickly Pear for Overall Health

 On today’s episode of the Dr Oz Show: Guest Dr Andrew Weil and Dr Oz introduce an incredible segment on Dr Weil's 5 Health Essentials, which featured Prickly Pear as well as Iodine, CoQ10, Rhodiola, & Siberian Ginseng!

 dr oz prickly pear

What is Prickly Pear & Why is it Beneficial

The prickly pear has numerous benefits that serve as food or medicine. The stem and fruit offer many flavonoids that act as very powerful antioxidants which can protect body and even brain tissues from oxidative damage and stress! While also providing many anti-inflammatory effects as well!

Diabetic Benefits

With potent glucose regulators as well as the ability to maintain optimal blood sugar levels it can help blunt some of the spikes contained in many people’s daily diets.


Dr Oz How Prickly Pear Can Help Your Health  

Dr Oz Prickly Pear  Benefits

  • Boost Immune System
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Help Lower Blood Sugar
  • Improve Glucose Tolerance
  • Improved blood flow & anticlotting benefits


Dr Oz Prickly Pear: How Much & When to take?

Dr. Oz's recommendation is 1,000mg per day of an high quality herbal extract!

Dr Oz: Where To Buy Prickly Pear  

We carry Solaray Prickly Pear 500mg 100 caps, this supply will last you 50 Days at Dr Oz’s Recommendations!

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By David Schroer