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Dr Oz Siberian Ginseng to Reduce Stress

 On todays episode of Dr Oz Dr Andrew Weil and Dr Oz go over Dr Weil's 5 Health Essentials, including Iodine

CoQ10, Rhodiola, Prickly Pear & Siberian Ginseng!

 siberian ginseng dr oz 

How Siberian Ginseng Reduces Stress 

Siberian Ginseng contains Eleuthero which have been found to have a very beneficial effect on the body when under increased amounts of stress. Siberian Ginseng has also been found to improve blood circulation and enhancing mental and physical performance as a well as regulating the impact of effects from stress on the body.

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Dr Oz Siberian Ginseng Health Benefits

Traditional Uses of Siberian Ginseng

  • Antioxidant properties
  • Immune and respiratory systems
  • Enhance Memory and cognitive function
  • Increase stamina and endurance
  • Improved reflexes and coordination
  • Has aphrodisiac properties and increases sexual desire
  • Promote healthy cardiovascular system
  • Promote healthy cholesterol levels
  • Helps with colds, bronchitis, and infections


Dr Oz Siberian Ginseng: How Much & When to take?

Depending on stress levels it is recommended to take 200mg up to three times a day preferable before a meal.

Dr Oz: Where To Buy Siberian Ginseng

We carry Solaray Ginseng Siberian (Eleuthero) Extract 200mg 60 Capsules

By David Schroer