On today's Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz decided to talk about colds. With the cold season here, it was probably a good time to discuss it. He first talked about how the spread of germs is pretty common, especially indoors, since people usually have everything closed (doors/windows), so the germs just spread throughout the home. So what can we use to help prevent a cold?

Elderberry Extract for Cold

This extract has natural anti-vital and anti-inflammatory properties, making it perfect for cold season. The big thing you need to make sure is that you take it at the VERY FIRST SIGN of the cold. So when you feel it, take the elderberry extract right away!

Forms of Elderberry

There are different forms of this available that you can take. These are the 3 best ways:

1) Elderberry Extract Juice

Flora (Udo's Choice) Dr. Dunner Sambu Wild Grown Elderberry Concentrate 5.9 Fl Oz

2) Elderberry Gummies (Especially for kids!)

Kal Elderberry Yummy Gummy Tutti Frutti 60 Gummies

3) Elderberry Tea

4) Elderberry Logenzes

The extract juice and gummies are available here at Best Price Nutrition!

By Jeff Moriarty