Dr Oz: Farm-Raised Salmon Toxins and Yogurt Bugs 

Recently Dr Oz went over just how unhealthy some of the foods that are considered ‘healthy’ can be. With a new development showing farm raised salmon can be very bad if not almost toxic. And healthy immune enhancing yogurt is commonly being found to be contaminated by bugs!


Farm Raised Salmon


Farm-raised salmon are crowded into tiny enclosures where they eat  each other’s waste and each other. This results in diseases and parasites. The water is sometimes treated with antibiotics, and a ton of other chemicals and even Dyes are thrown into the mix.

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Crushed Bugs in yogurt

A common practice for adding color to yogurts is adding Carmine and Chochineal Extract which are crushed insects. If this is not something you want to consume and you still want all the benefits of yogurt without the sugar or the bugs look into a powerful probiotic!


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By David Schroer