Dr Oz Feeling Strong Through Fall

Dr Oz has recommended many different supplements for various problems, issues or general health. But he wanted to ensure that we have a guide to what he thinks are the top supplements for going into the fall and ensuring that we are ready to take on the winter with our immune systems in high gear ready to take on whatever the colder months have to throw at us.

Dr Oz Fall Supplement Recommendations

Vitamin D Supplement

Dose 1000-2000IU Daily (4000 if in darker colder climates)

Feel free to go higher if you find that you are particularly susceptible to certain weather changing illnesses like respiratory infections, asthma as well as colds and sinus issues. Additionally if you suffer from season dips in mood Vitamin D has been proven to help here as well!

Life Extension Vitamin D 

Probiotics & Digestive Enzyme Supplement

Our entire immune system is located in our gut not to mention 75% of our neurotransmitters are produced in the gut as well. So ensuring a well-balanced gut flora with advanced probiotic supplements can not only be beneficial but to some people life changing. Digestive Enzymes can also be quite beneficial for gastrointestinal health, and acid reflux.

Garden of Life Primal Defense Probiotics

Allmax Nutrition Digestive Enzymes

Immune Enhancing Mushrooms

Mushrooms are as untapped a resource to health as probiotics are. Mushrooms like maitake, shitake as well as oyster mushroom are great tasting and can be added to food dishes quite easily. Mushrooms are showing inherent abilities to boost immune system function by optimizing the level of white blood cells or killer cells which are responsible for scouring our bodies for invaders and taking them out. If you’re not a fan of eating mushrooms you can find even more potent mushrooms in supplement form such as cordyceps & reishi which are not as edible as the aforementioned counterparts.

Solaray Maitake Mushroom

Country Life Daily Immune Complete Formula!

So if you wish to give yourself a sure fire way to help ensure that you make it through fall and the coming winter without any issues these a three great ways to help get you there!