Today on Dr. Oz, Dr. Oz talked about ancient rituals of Tibetan Monks and how they can help imrpove your health. One of those rituals involves using a supplement to open up your Chakras. Chakras are the center spiritual locations within your body. Accoriding to studies this supplement aids with diegestion as well as acid reflux. What is this supplement you ask? The Fenugreek supplement.

Dr. Oz What is The Fenugreek Supplement?

The Fenugreek supplement is used to open up your Chakras and help imorve overall health. The Fenugreek supplement aids in digestion and acid reflux and has a very distinct taste. Fenugreek is used in maple syrup as well as in food flavorings and spices!

Fenugreek Supplement Directions:

This supplement supplies 625mg per 2 capsules. Take 2 per day. This bottle will last your 50 days.
You can also grind up the seeds and put them in curry. Take 1000mg per day before any meal.

Where Can I Buy Fenugreek Supplement?

We have the Fenugreek Supplement for $6.29 for 100 caps!

Fenugreek Tea

If you would rather take the tea form, it can purchased here for just $5.99!

Fenugreek Tea