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Dr Oz: Fiber Fillers For Portion Control

Recently Dr Oz mentioned how beneficial adding fiber to your diet in the form of psyllium husk can be for decreasing appetite. It can be added to foods and can add a rich and heart taste.

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Fiber Fillers Description 

It has been said that eating until your satisfied is the best for overall health, however this can often be tricky and we may not always have the will power to do so. This is where adding a fiber supplement in the form of Psyllium Husk can help us. When mixed with liquid Psyllium rapidly expands much larger than its original size and creates a thick heavy gel that creates a feeling of fullness in your stomach.

Dr Oz Psyllium Husk Dosing Recommendation

About 30mins before eating a meal you can use various things such as psyllium husk, Chia Seed or flaxseed meal to take up room in your stomach and crush your appetite allowing you to eat less and often lose weight.

Where to Buy Psyllium Husk

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By David Schroer