By David Schroer

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 Dr Oz & Golden Root Rhodiola Benefits

Dr Oz and Guest Dr Weil talk about the amazing benefits of the Golden root otherwise known as Rhodiola!


 Dr Oz Golden Root What is it?

For centuries the root of Rhodiola Rosea has been used to fight fatigue and give people energy when food was scarce! Golden root is able to boost energy as well as mental concentration and even physical performance & endurance!

Rhodiola has many benefits to a body that is constantly suffering from stress related fatigue, low energy levels from poor sleep or just simply overtired.


Dr Oz Golden Root Rhodiola Dosing & Dosage

Dr Oz recommends beginning with 100-200mg the first 2 weeks to asses tolerance and then adding another dose a few hours later can be added!

Dr Oz Golden Root Side Effects

Dr Oz recommends not exceeding 400mg not due to any safety issues but because your body will start building a tolerance for it and the effects won’t be as easily as felt!

Where to Buy Golden Root / Rhodiola

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By David Schroer