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Dr Oz Holistic Cure Milk Thistle  

Recently Dr Oz spoke about the importance of keeping our livers as healthy as possible. We can do this by supplementing with milk thistle for its main constituent Silymarin. 

Enzymatic Therapy Milk Thistle

What is Milk Thistle?  

Milk thistle is a plant. The above ground parts and seeds are used to make medicine. The seeds are more commonly used. Milk thistle is used most often for liver disorders, including liver damage caused by the accumulation of toxins.

Milk Thistle Benefits  

Silymarin can enhance cell membranes in liver, which can prevent toxin from getting through and damaging the cell interior. The bioflavanoid compounds in milk thistle can effectively boost cellular growth by stimulating protein synthesis. The milk thistle seeds contain betaine hydrochloride that may have a contribution in protecting the liver.

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