irvingia for cravings

Dr Oz Irvingia Supplement for Cravings

Recently Dr Oz mentioned that we get cravings due to a hormone known as Leptin. Between Leptin and Grehlin another hormone associated with hunger, we not only get cravings but those stomach gurgles even when our bodies don’t need anything!!


So what can we do?

Thankfully there are tricks we can use to help suppress our bodies Ghrelin and Leptin responses in the morning. Now if you are someone who just isn’t hungry in the morning than the easiest way to stop cravings and hunger signaling through the day is to simply skip breakfast! Yes we know the most important meal of the day; but research is showing that it actually might not be and can actually set us up for weight-gain if we make the wrong food choices first thing when we wake up. See if we can get past that initial burst of hunger in the morning, than our bodies kick into fat burning mode and you will be amazed how long you can go before you have to eat by simply drinking some coffee and maybe some coconut oil. But what are we told to do? EAT, Yep first thing in the morning we are told to eat a balanced meal usually containing carbs and sugars so what that does is spike insulin and then when that spike begins to come down what do we get-more hunger, cravings and a crash! So it is easier to just push breakfast or at least the carbs until much later in the day.


Irvingia and Green Coffee Bean Extract for Cravings

Another way in which we can ensure that we don’t give into the stomach gurgles and cravings is by supplementing with Irvingia as well Chlorogenic Acids in the form of Coffee or Green Coffee Bean Extract.


Irvingia Dosages

Dr Oz recommends 150mg 1-2 times per day 30-60 minutes before you eat or when cravings strike with a large glass of water; at least 8oz due to the fact that a lot of hunger is actually your body just saying its dehydrated and needs water.

Dr Oz Irvingia Recommendation

Life Extension Irvingia 150mg 30 Caps 

Life Extension Irvingia 150mg 60 Caps

By Jeff Moriarty