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How many of you guys out there have trouble falling asleep at night? Dr Oz suggests taking Lemon Balm Tea for a goodnights rest. Our worlds are infested with prescription drugs and over the counter medicines, why use another one just to fall asleep? If you start using a prescription sleep aid, you may find yourself reliant on that product and unable to sleep without it. If you're going to take something for sleep, you are better off making it natural.

Benefits Of Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon Balm Tea has many benefits like helping you reduce stress. If your mind is at ease you should have no trouble sleeping. Whenever I have a hard time sleeping it's usually attributed to my brain going 100 mph and I can't seem to relax. Lemon Balm Tea is also known to relax you. It's almost described as a euphoric state so your full body is relaxed enough to get some shut eye.

How to take it:

Dr. Oz recommends the liquid formula and mentions it's great for stress and anxiety. We have it currently in a 300mg gel cap which makes it very easy to take with a glass of water.

Where To Buy Lemon Balm Tea?

Lemon Balm Tea can be purchased right here.


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By Vince Malfeo