Dr Oz Lipowheat Amnti-Aging Supplement 

Dr Mauricio is at it again showing us that the pill to look younger must contain Lipowheat. If you suffer from dry, itchy, chapped or red skin than you are a perfect candidate for Lipowheat and will definitely notice benefits of younger looking skin.


What is LipoWheat

Ceramides which make up a chief component of Lipowheat have been available to Japanese women as a functional food since 2000. The hydrating action of Lipowheat ceramides has proven so effective in clinical trials, they’re now approved as a dietary ingredient by the FDA.  After three months of ingesting 200 mg a day of Lipowheat, a group of people reported dramatic improvement in the look and feel of their skin. These results were verified by electrochemical analysis showing that 95% of participants exhibited improved skin hydration.

Dr Oz LipoWheat Directions

Dr Oz Said to take 350 MG per day, in the morning


Where Can I Buy Phytoceramides?

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By David Schroer