Dr Oz: Lower LDL Cholesterol with Artichoke Leaf Extract 

One thing I and Dr Oz can agree on is that way too many people are taking medication for their cholesterol when there are many proven ways to do it through diet alone. Dr Oz recommends adding Artichoke Leaf Extract to your supplement regimen. 

How Does Artichoke Leaf Extract Work 

The manner by which artichokes lower cholesterol is not fully known. It is thought that artichokes may indirectly interact with the same protein that statins interact with to lower cholesterol. Called HMGCoA reductase, this enzyme plays an important role in the making of cholesterol.


Dr Oz Artichoke Leaf Extract Dosage

Take 500mg before each meal.  

Dr Oz Artichoke Leaf Extract Recommendation

Life Extension Artichoke Leaf Extract