On the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz highlights a supplement that has been shown to positively impact intestinal health improving overall digestive health which can result in healthy weight loss. What is that intestinal health supplement? Magnesium!

What does Dr. Oz say about Magnesium?

Dr. Oz and his guest Dr. Alejandro Junger says we actually have a second “brain” that surrounds our gut and intestines, which is key to feeling happy or down because it is also where serotonin is released. Maintaining proper Gut or Intestinal Health is important because it impacts many functions of the body. Supplementing with Magnesium Citrate can improve the health of the intestines which can lead to healthy weight management.

Magnesium and a Healthy Cleanse:

In order to nourish that second “brain” Junger wants you to take a supplement every single night for three nights as part of his 3-Day Jump Start Cleanse.

How Much Magnesium Should I take?

Dr. Oz and his guest Dr. Junger recommends taking 250 MG of magnesium before you go to bed at night to help regulate serotinin levels.

Where can I Purchase Magnesium?

Nature's Way Magnesium Complex 250mg

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By Tony Brettman