On today's Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz talked about ways to boost energy to get through the day. For all of us, energy levels can change depending on your activity level or even your daily schedule. To help boost your enegry Dr. Oz recommends a simple product that can aid in increasing your engery and is a good replacement for coffee. What is that product you ask? Nettle Tea!

Dr. Oz on Nettle Tea

Dr. recommends Nettle tea for boosting energy as it has the same effects as coffee. Nettle tea also contains important anit-oxidants that help rid your body of toxins. Nettle tea can taste a little bitter, so Dr. Oz recommends adding a little honey to brighten up the taste.

Nettle Tea Directions:

Dr. Oz recommends 1 cup in the morning.

Where to buy Nettle Tea?

We have 24 bags of Nettle Tea from Alvita. The cost is only 3.99 and it will last you 24 days if you take one tea bag daily!