Dr Oz Nut Butter Buying Guide

Dr Oz mentions on his website that nut butter of many different types are healthy for you in multiple ways. Dr Oz mentions peanut butter, almond butter, walnut butter, and cashew butter for different health reasons. According to Dr Oz, please make sure you ration your portions because too much of anything isn't a good thing.

Nut Butter

Also when buying nut butters make sure you avoid any added ingredients. The only ingredient that should be listed is the nut itself and avoid extra salt or sugar because this will diminish the health attributes. Obviously avoid nut butters if you have a food allergy or think you might have an allergy to peanuts.

I want to break down each nut butter recommended by Dr. Oz and explain exactly how each one will benefit you.

Dr. Oz Peanut Butter For Energy

Did you know that peanut butter could boost your energy? Peanut Butter will boost your energy because it is rich in protein and heart healthy oils. These heart-healthy oils actually help fight off some saturated fats of regular butter. Peanut Butter has a delicious taste without adding any sweeteners and it goes well with smoothies and other baked goods.

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Dr. Oz Almond Butter Weight Loss

Almond Butter is the most common alternative to peanut butter. I actually prefer almonds over regular peanuts because I think the taste better but that's just me. Almond Butter is ideal for weight loss because it is very high in fiber and low in calories. You can eat almond butter by the teaspoon or add a teaspoon into your favorite smoothies. I prefer to spread almond butter on an apple to have a delicious, refreshing treat.

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Dr. Oz Walnut Butter Heart Health

Now most nut butters are good for the heart, walnut butter seems to be the best nut butter for heart health. Walnut Butter is filled with omega-3's which will help regulate your healthy heart from the bad oils in your body. Walnut Butter is more of a hearty spread so it goes well with many meals. It tastes sweet and bitter at the same time making it a great addition to your nut butter regimen.

Dr. Oz Cashew Butter Bone Strength

Cashew Butter is rich in magnesium and copper and will help promote bone strength. Your bones will be thanking you later after diving into a jar of cashew butter. Cashews are also a favorite nut of mine and Cashew butter is smooth, with a very sweet after taste that will want you craving more. Just smear a little cashew butter on some fruit and your bones will be happy you did.

Delicious, Helps your bones, and rich in nutrients.


All this talk about different nut butters has me wanting some! I can smell the different nut butters in the air just thinking about them. Time for me to grab and apple and smear some almond butter on it!

Thanks For Reading!

By Vince Malfeo