On the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz discussed a natural way to help lower your cholesterol which aids in essential heart health. This natural supplement provides essential Omega-3 fatty acids Research shows strong evidence that the omega-3s can boost heart health and lower triglycerides. What is that essential fatty acid that helps lower cholesterol promoting good heart health? Omega 3 Krill Oil.

Omega 3 Krill Oil:

Krill Oil (NKO) is known for its unique fatty acid (FA) profile, as well as for its rich antioxidant content. NKO's balanced fatty acid content includes not only EPA and DHA, the crucial Omega-3 FA's, but Omega-9 FA's and phospholipids, as well.

What Does Dr. Oz Say About Krill Oil?

Dr. Oz is a strong supporter of Omega 3 fish oil but claims that there just isnt enough Omega-3s in comparison to Krill Oil. Krill oil is siad to offer a wider range of essential nutrients that are more potent than just omega-3 fish oils. Krill Oil is one of Dr. Oz's favorite supplements that promote healthy cholesterol levels resulting in a happier heart and a happier you.

How Much Krill Oil Should I take?

Dr. Oz recommends taking between 1-3 grams per day along with a healthy diet to maintain proper heart health.

Where Can I Purchase Krill Oil?

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By Tony Brettman