Dr Oz Oolong Tea Reduce Ovarian Cancer

oolong tea

The word cancer has nearly effected every single person in this world in one way or another and having a battle with cancer could end up being devastating. Although we can't really control the cards that we are dealt as human beings and individuals we can try to take some preventative measures to protect ourselves.

According to Dr Oz, drinking Oolong Tea can actually help reduce your risk for Ovarian Cancer by 82%. That is an astonishing number! Dr William Li was on The Doctor Oz Show today explaining that Oolong Tea has a high amount of flavonoids which are natural cancer fighters.

Recommended Dosage:

  • Drink 4 cups of Oolong Tea per day with no sugar added.

This will literally help destroy cancer cells before they even have a chance to start growing in your body.

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By Vince Malfeo