Dr Oz Oregano Oil for Immune System

The key to a healthy immune system is ensuring you have healthy gut. There are numerous ways in which this can be accomplished, one way is through probiotics another is by supplementing with oregano oil.

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On a previous episode of the Dr Oz Show, Dr Oz spoke about how important our gut health is in maintaining a high functioning immune system. By taking Oregano Oil and its antibacterial properties can help restore balance to the gut.

Oil of Oregano Benefits 

Germs are everywhere simple as that and sometimes those germs can get a little out of hand. So far it has been found that Oil of Oregano has proven to be effective by inhibiting the growth of germs.

Oil of Oregano doesn’t stop there either. It has also been found to treat a variety of skin conditions, prevent would infection & promote oral health.

Oil of Oregano Uses

Carvacrol one of the active ingredients in Oil of Oregano can help breakdown the defenses of bad gut bacteria which pave the way for our immune cells to kill them. Unlike antibiotics which can cause a yeast infection, Oil of Oregano will actually fight one off for you.

Thymol which is used in a lot of oral health products is also found in oil of oregano. Now you can use it as a mouthwash but we highly suggest putting a few drops on a toothbrush with or without toothpaste.

Most skin disorders are caused by some form of bacteria or an imbalance of bacteria on the skin or in the body. New research is showing that oil of oreganos and its benefits can help eliminate the bad bacteria and restore balance.  Adding a little sesame oil to dilute the oregano oil onto a cotton ball and dab the affected area nightly.

Oil of Oregano Dosage

Take up to 200 MG, 3 times per day. Look for emulsified oil for better digestion. Take in capsule or liquid tincture form.

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By David Schroer