Dr Oz Passion Flower Nature’s Tranquilizer

Recently Dr Oz and Guest Author Mike Dow, author of Diet Rehab went into detail on the relaxation & sleep benefits of Passion Flower. Warning against the harmful side effects of pharmaceutical sleep aids & harsh Over the Counter medications, they recommend trying these non-habit forming sleep & relaxation promoting natural remedies.

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Importance of Sleep

Sleep is one of the strongest predictors of whether we are healthy or not. With the high stress high speed world we live in it is quite rare to get a full 8 hours in each night. There is hope though! Recent research suggests that sleep consistency is more important than length of sleep. So if you can only get 6 hours of sleep per night; be sure that you get on a schedule that ensures your getting those six hours around the same time each night. Our bodies are very adaptable and if you are consistent you will get all the benefits of 8 hours in only 6; consistency is key!

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Dr Oz Passion Flower for Slep & Relaxation

To help us get to sleep fast & reach those deep restorative levels of sleep that require for optimal health. Dr Oz recommended supplementing with Passion Flower Extract as well as Theanine which both have been shown to promote relaxation, reduced stress & better sleep.

Dr Oz Passion Flower Dosing

Take 2-3 servings an hour or so before the time you want to be asleep

Where to Find Passion Flower Seen on Dr Oz!

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By David Schroer