Dr Oz Plant Sterols Natural Statins

On a recent episode the The Dr Oz Show, he mentioned that an extremely cheap and natural compound known as plant sterols can be just as effective as statins, without all the added side effects.


What are Plant Sterols

Found in fruits and vegetables plant sterols have been found to coat the intestinal lining in a way that can actually inhibit the absorption of dietary cholesterol from reaching the blood and thereby reducing triglycerides and ultimately blood pressure levels.

Dr Jampolis mentioned that plant sterols can block cholesterol absorption by as much as 14%! Plus they are healthy, and very affordable.  Medicine has known about these natural statins for nearly half a century but since you can’t make as much money in natural supplements as you can pharmaceuticals they have not and will not get the attention they deserve from the medical community.


Plant Sterol Dosage

Dr Oz and Dr Jampolis recommended 2000mg or 2g per day! At this dosage individuals achieved a drop in cholesterol by 14%


Where to buy Plant Sterols Seen on Dr Oz




By David Schroer