dr oz red palm fruit oil

 Dr Oz Virgin Red Palm Fruit Oil

Recently mentioned on the Dr Oz Show was a commonly over looked Oil extracted from the Red Palm Fruit. Now if you are like most Americans who have been fed lie after lie about Fat; generally most people do not come anywhere near the amount of healthy fats we should be getting. Palm Fruit Oil contains extremely potent anti-oxidants from carotenes in beta-carotene & lycopene!

 red palm fruit oil

Dr Oz Red Palm Fruit Oil: Healthy Fats

Similar to Coconut Oil, Red Palm Fruit Oil is about 50% Saturated Fat, but don’t fear! The saturated fat is a unique one called lauric acid which your body has a very difficult time storing as fat & is digested almost immediately! The rest of Red Palm Fruit Oil is comprised of palmitic & oleic acids, these are also very healthy fats that deliver a wide range of benefits.

Dr Oz Red Palm Fruit Oil Anti-Oxidant

Hailed as a sacred healing food by the Egyptians due to its rick dark red color in the unprocessed state. Red Palm Fruit Oil gets its rich color from the carotenes beta-carotene & lycopene which are extremely potent anti-oxidants & free radical scavengers!

Red Palm Fruit Oil Dosage

The potent health benefits of red palm fruit oil can be achieved by incorporating only 1-2 tablespoons into your daily diet.

Where to Find Virgin Red Palm Fruit Oil

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By David Schroer