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Dr Oz Rescue Remedy Spray Homeopathic Stress Relief

The hustle & bustle of our busy lives are not just stressful to our energy and minds, but having elevated levels of stress have been linked to basically every disease, condition and ailment out there. So handling stress effectively & getting it under control is imperative for our health and well-being.

Who Recommends Rescue Remedy & What is it?

Lisa Samet a naturopathic doctor says that Rescue Remedy is an amazing tool to add to your arsenal of battling stress. Rescue Remedy is a combination of flowers that have been shown to help reduce both feelings of stress & as well as their effects. Rescue Remedy can be used by anyone to help decrease stress levels.

Where to Buy Rescue Remedy recommended by Dr Oz?

Bach Rescue Sleep 20 ml Oral Spray Only $14.99


By David Schroer