Dr Oz Safflower Oil, Supplement, & Tea

Dr Oz recommends taking Safflower as an Oil, Supplement or Tea to experience the benefits. Safflower Oil is actually great as an energy product. Try taking some safflower oil when you are feelign tired & fatigued and you should feel much better aftwards.


Did you know you can also take Safflower as a supplement? This is definitely the easiest way to take Safflower and it has been shown to help melt belly fat away. Belly fat is the worst fat to have in your body considering how many vital organs are near by. You want to get rid of this belly fat as soon as possible so taking a Safflower Supplement will increase the process for you.

The third way of taking Safflower is by drinking it. Dr Oz recommends drinking Safflower Tea to help reduce infllammation and to keep your arteries strong and flexible. Safflwoer Tea can actually help remove some of the plaque build up in your arteries which will keep your heart much healthier.

Safflower Oil

Take a Safflower Oil that has 7-10 grams of polyunsaturated fats per serving.

Safflower Supplement

Take a daily Safflower Supplement that contains atleast 6 grams of Linoleic Acid. This will help out with belly fat the most.

Safflower Tea

Drink a Safflower Tea every single day to help reduce inflammation. You will be doing your heart good by drinking Safflower Tea on a regular basis.

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By Vince Malfeo