Dr Oz Schizandra for Anti-Aging & Fatigue

On a recent episode of the Dr Oz Show he recommended supplementing with Shizandra berries for anti-aging benefits and to help combat fatigue associated with the daily grind!

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dr oz shizandra berries miracle berry

Dr Oz Shizandra Berries: What Are They?

Traditionally used for thousands of years in China to help prevent the aging process, enhance concentration, combat fatigue and immune function enhancement Shizandra is a well-known and well tolerated adadptogen.

dr oz shizandra berry miracle berries

Dr Oz Miracle Berry Shizandra How do they work?

Although the mechanism of action is not known, several human clinical studies show that the beneficial effects of Shizandra are quite measureable in fact.

Dr Oz Shizandra Benefits

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Improve Focus & Concentration
  • Improve Immune Health & Function

Dr Oz Shizandra Dosage & Directions

Dr Oz Recommends a schizandra capsules, take one or two capsules containing 400-500 mg, two or three times per day.

Where to Buy Shizandra Seen on Dr Oz Show

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