On the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz talks about two very important ingredients to help with restoring a healthy and youthful appearance to the skin. As we age we beign to lose essential elements in our skin that keep it moistured and full of essential nutrients. With the help of these two ingredients, you can rejuvenate your skin by reducing unwanted wrinkles and improving collagen production. What are these two youth restoring ingredients? Siloxane & Peptide Cream!

What is Siloxane and Peptides?

Siloxane is a silicone-based compound that is used in cosmetics to soften, smooth, and moisten the skin. Siloxane is also used extensively in moisturizers and facial treatments.

Peptides are short chains of proteins. Proteins are the basic building blocks of proteins and lots of other types of organic molecules. Peptides are often manufactured by the digestion of proteins by the body processes, and lots of sorts of peptides are readily and rapidly absorbed because of the bloodstream. Peptides help keep the skin moistured as well as reducing wrinkles.

What does Dr. Oz say about Siloxane and Peptides?

These two ingredients are great for restoring a youthful appearance to the skin because of their ability to cover wrinkles immediately, creating a noticeable difference in 15 minutes, but it will only last for about 2 hours, so you need another ingredient and that is where Peptides come in. Peptides are great at penetrating the skin and work to build new collagen for a more long term effect. Using these two ingredients synergistically you will notice a difference in skin appearance within weks.

How Should I use Siloxane and Peptides?

Dr. Oz and his guest explains that the Siloxane is only temporary and needs to be applied with the peptides to help prolong the effect or moisturizing the skin. Peptides simply enhance the effect of the Siloxane and promotes the strengthening of the essential proteins within the skin.

Where Can I find Siloxan and Peptides?

We will soon be carrying these two skin health ingredients. Check back here soon!

By Tony Brettman