Dr Oz: Sugar Alternative Coconut Palm Sugar


A fan brought the following sugar alternative to Dr Oz’s attention. She mentioned that she was able to lose 15 pounds by adding it to her coffee and baked goods in place of sugar and even stopped having sugar cravings. Plus she didn’t gain a pound over the holidays.

Dr Oz Says this Coconut Palm Sugar is his new favorite sweetener.


Coconut Palm Oil Sugar Taste

Dr Oz gave baked treats using coconut palm sugar to the fans because if we don’t like the way something tastes we simply won’t eat them. The result, The fans unanimously agreed that it tastes good.

Coconut Palm Sugar Benefits

  • Coconut palm sugar contains significantly more potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, nitrogen and sodium than brown or white sugar.
  • Potassium and nitrogen help prevent cardiovascular disease,
  • Magnesium and sodium are necessary for proper nerve function, and zinc increases brain function.
  • Iron is necessary for blood health and a strong immune system -- to help you stay well and recover from illnesses.
  • The phosphorus in coconut palm sugar helps kidneys function and promotes cell health.

Coconut Palm Sugar Dosage

    Dr Oz says Use Coconut Palm Sugar in place of sugar at a 1:1 ratio 

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By David Schroer