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Dr Oz: Triphala Supplement for weight-loss and health

On a recent episode of the Dr Oz Show Guest Dr. Chaudhary mentioned that his one go to supplement that everyone should be taking is Triphala.

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What is Triphala

Triphala is a unique combination of three types of berries. They work synergistically with one another to help promote reduction of inflammation in the body in addition to helping the body remove toxins and extra fat from cells!

Triphala Dosing

By adding ½ a teaspoon of Triphala Powder with 1 teaspon of psyllium husk fiber and 1 teaspoon of organic ground flax seeds all in a small glass of water. Mix and Drink Quickly.

Dr. Oz's recommendation is taking 2 tablets at night. We recommend taking 2 tablets per day at night.


Where to Find Triphala Powder

Planetary Formulas Triphala Internal Cleanser 500mg 180 Caps

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By David Schroer