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Dr Oz Vitamin D for Fibroids

Recently Dr Oz and Dr Jennifer Asthton mentioned that women in their 30s & 40s will develop painful benign muscular tumors in the uterus. However women who supplemented with vitamin d were 32% less likely to develop these tumors! 


What is a Fibroid?

Dr. Ashton mentioned that Fibroids which develop in the uterus of women in their 30s & 40s are benign muscular tumors that science has yet to figure out why they develop. However it has been shown that women who are deficient in vitamin d were much more likely to develop Fibroids. So ensuring your vitamin d levels are optimal is a great step to avoiding these painful tumors!


How Much Vitamin D  

Dr Ashton recommends getting in at least 1000 IUs per day, some sources a Vitamin D3 supplement, Light Tuna, Salmon, Fortified Cereal & Dairy Products!


Where to buy Vitamin D Supplement for Fibroids

Dr Oz Recomends 1000IU of Vitmaijn D3 a Day!



By David Schroer