Dr Oz Vitamin E Recommendation

vitamin e

Dr Oz recently recommended Vitamin E is an episode of The Doctor Oz Show recently. Vitamin E has multiple health benefits which are very impressive. If your lacking Vitamin E in your diet, it is recommended to supplement your intake to make sure you are receiving these benefits.

Dr Oz Vitamin E for Alzheimer's Disease

If you have a family member or if you know anybody that has Alzheimer's Disease, then you know how serious it could be. Alzheimer's literally starts shrinking away brain tissue which causes you devastating deterioration in an agressive setting. However, don't lose all hope because Dr Oz recommends taking Vitamin E to keep your brain cells healthy. Vitamin E will help your cells maintain a better connection and keep your brain functioning better for longer.

Vitamin E Dosage Recommendation

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The recommended daily dose of Vitamin E is 20mg or 30 IU's a day. You can buy pure Vitamin E here.

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By Vince Malfeo