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Dr Oz: What Should You keep in your Bathroom in case of Heart Attack

Recently Dr Oz mentioned a few things he would recommend everyone who is at risk or think they may be at risk have on hand in their primary bathroom.


Four Things to Have in Case of Heart Attack

Small Compact Mirror

Dr Oz Showed us that 57% of heart attack suffers have one or more of these signs.

  • Crease or Line in Earlobe
  • Yellow Fatty Deposits around the eyes
  • Balding or thinning hair around the dome or top of the head.
  • Receding Hairline at the temples

Next Dr Oz Recommends that we supplement daily with at least 1,000 IUs of Vitamin D. Vitamin D has been proven to not only improve cardiovascular health but also a host of other issues. And since most North Americans are deficient in Vitamin D we must supplement with this vital resource.


Dr Oz says to have this in your bathroom and if you notice any of the symptoms of a heart attack, to chew (don’t swallow) 325mg of Aspirin. This can help buy time and prolong the event of a heart attack.

Cell Phone

Dr Oz to keep your Cell Phone near your bed room or bathroom somewhere as close to possible to your waking area since most heart attacks occur within 3 hours of waking.

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By David Schroer