craze seasonal flavors 

Driven Sports Seasonal Flavors Available to All!


If you’re a fan of Craze then you undoubtedly know that recently the brand has expanded the flavor line from the Iconic Candy Grape to Berry Lemonade but what you may not have been aware of is that Driven Sports set up exclusives with Predator Nutrition, Europa & with Strawberry Swirl, Blackberry Tea, & Apple Pie respectively.

Driven Sports Craze Blackberry Tea 30 Servings

The original plan was to release their newest flavor Pineapple Passion Fruit to the Aussies or maybe we should call them Craze-ies (See What I did There) However in a change of plans Driven Sports has decided against offering flavor exclusives to only certain territories. Now the limited editions or Seasonal flavors will be available to everyone! This is a very interesting turn and should work well for the company. If you haven’t had a chance to try one of the three flavors available now give them a try and be sure to check back here when the newest exclusive is available!

Craze Candy Grape or Berry Lemonade

Craze Blackberry Tea

By David Schroer