Garden of Life Raw Fit

Garden of Life Raw Fit is one of our top selling protein powders at Best Price Nutrition. Garden of Life nailed it on this one because they considered the people who are trying to lose weight, not just the person looking to gain some muscle. Raw Fit will actually make you feel fuller causing you to eat less and prevent you from overeating.

 Garden of Life Raw Fit 16 Oz

There is actually 28 grams of protein in one scoop so you will satisfy your protein needs while still maintaining weight loss. Our full product description for Raw Fit is right here.

Garden of Life Raw Fit Review

Now like I mentioned earlier, Raw Fit is the one protein that allows you to still stay on track with your dieting plans. Garden of Life was very health conscious when they formulated this product and it definitely caught my eye considering I'm someone who gains weight very easily.

They suggest you take 1 scoop with 8 ounces of water for optimal taste. It was ok with just water but it tasted much better with the Almond Milk I used the second time around. Now I always use it with almond milk and it is delicious. Some other Garden of Life products have a much more hearty taste however Raw Fit has a much smoother texture and better consistency.

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At, we try our best to supply you with the most up to date supplements and the supplements we think are best for you. Raw Fit is definitely something you should have in your supplement and protein line-up.

Price Comparison:

Our Price: $26.99!

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By Vince Malfeo