gaspari superdrive banner

One of the most popular supplements at The Arnold Classic was definitely Gaspari Nutrition Superdrive. This is the new ultra concentrated pre-workout formula. It's about time, as they only really had SuperPump Max and never a concentrated formula in their line. It available in a 20 serving and 40 serving.


What's it Taste like?

We haven't tried them all yet, but it's available in three tasty flavors, The Orange Mango is VERY GOOD!

  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Orange Mango (Don't confuse it with the not-so-good Peach Mango from iForce Nutrition)
  • Fruit Punch

What's in it?

Until this past weekend, we really didn't know what the hell was in it. Well at last we do:

Expect a review by John and Glenn within the week on this brand new pre-workout supplement!

Expect this Product for Pre-Sale later this week!


By Jeff Moriarty