Genomyx just announced a revolutionary product that will take the supplement and vitamins industry by storm. We don't have word yet on when they will be releasing their new addition but what when they do it will be a monumental release. Genomyx will be releasing a one of a kind protein supplement called FishPro.

Genomyx FishPro Protein

First of it's kind protein supplement that contains hydrolyzed fish peptides for a unique and clean protein source. Fishpro will be free of gluten, genetic modified ingredients,antibiotics, hormones, natural fats and oils. This will be a unique one of a kind protein product that promotes healthy gut due to it's probiotic ingredients.

When will Genomyx FishPro be Released?

We are not sure of the exact date on when this product will be released but it will probably be showcased at the fast approaching 25th Arnold Classic in March.

By Tony Brettman