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Genomyx Stimaholic Ingredient Review

We recently were sent a bottle of Stimaholic to try out and get a first hand account of what Genomyx has been playing around with. All in all it is definitely not for the stim sensitive! Stimaholic can literally be felt on an empty stomach within 10 minutes, unfortunately the Yohimbe effects are pretty strong so if you are not a fan of it; stimaholic probably won’t be up your alley. However if Yohimbe is not an issue then definitely give Stimaholic a go, with the additions of Alpha GPC, Huperzine as well as the Beta Pea HCL & Hordenine combo this will definitely give you a cognitive and energetic boost. 


Stimaholic Ingredients

Beta Alanine- Beta-Alanine is the building block of carnosine, a molecule that helps to buffer acid in muscles and increases physical performance.

Caffeine Anhydrous- CNS Stimulant

Dendrobium Extract (1% Alkaloids)- Dendrobium alkaloids are ‘thought’ to cause an upsurge in epinephrine, norepinephrine & dopamine.

Hordenine HCL- has been found to have noadrenaline reuptake reduction properties. Exhibits MAOB inhibitor properties-increases potency of all ingredients; especially PEA and its constituents.

Beta Phenethylamine HCL- derivative of PEA that doesn’t break down as easy and allows for higher concentration of PEA in the brain

Alpha GPC- Although non-stimulatory in nature, many people report alertness, mental clarity, and increased focus.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract (std. min. 90% alpha Yohimbine)(root bark)- proven to be a Alpha 2 Receptor Agonists-Shuts down Fat Storing

Huperzine A- blocks an enzyme from breaking down acetylcholine which is known as the learning neurotransmitter, and is involved in muscle contraction as well. Increasing levels of acetylcholine is routinely used as a technique amongst weight-lifters and scholars.

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By Jeff Moriarty