Ghost Energy Drink Sour Strip Flavor Review

Ghost Energy Drink Sour Strip Flavor Review

Ghost Energy Drink Sour Strip Flavor Review

Ghost Energy Drinks are a spin-off of the Ghost Lifestyle supplement brand. The drink features 200mg of Natural Caffeine along with Nootropics like Alpha GPC, NeuroFactor, and a few additional ingredients like Taurine and Carnipure branded L-Carnitine Tartrate. 

While this Energy Drink hasn't been around for all that long it's quickly become one of, if not the most popular Energy Drinks on the market due to the tasty flavor collaborations the brand has done with Sour Patch Kids, Warheads and Swedish Fish mainstream candy brands. The most recent addition to the flavor line-up is an all new Sour Strips flavored Ghost Energy Drink which we'll be reviewing today. 

What Does the Sour Strip Ghost Energy Drink Taste Like?

Gummy Candy and Sour Gummy Candies have long been popular. Sour Strips came on the scene September 9th of 2019, roled out by Youtuber Maxx Chewning. What was interesting is despite being a candy, Sour Strips were very popular in the supplement world and among fitness enthusiasts, likely because Maxx is somewhat of a Fitness Celebrity or Fitness Influencer himself.

Recently the Ghost Lifestyle brand partnered with Sour Strips rolling out the Rainbow Sour Strips flavor to a variety of Ghost preworkouts and other supplements, in addition to the Ghost Energy Drink. We managed to get our hands on the all new Sour Strips flavored Ghost Energy Drink and man was it tasty. While most "Sour" candies and beverages in reality aren't that sour, this drink is quite sour. Even the Sour Strips candies while tasty, aren't super sour, at least nothing like a Warhead or a Tear Jerky Gumball. The drink I found to be more sour than the actual candy and it actually made me pucker. Let's continue and breakdown and review the All New Ghost Energy Drink in the Rainbow Sour Strip flavor. 

Ghost Energy Sour Strip Review Score

So initially upon cracking the can and taking a sip the first thing that hits your tongue is the undeniable flavor of Sour Strip candies. One thing that's interesting about beverages which are based upon a candy, snack cake, or other food is it's a different experience having the taste, without the texture to go along with it. For example if  you've tried say the Twinkies Protein Powder, it takes like a Twinky but something is missing without the sponge cake and cream filling. Similar experience with Sour Strips Ghost Energy Drink, it was delicious but is a different experience without the chewy sugar covered gummy candy.

In addition to the taste of Sour Strips, the next thing you notice is the sourness, it's not too much to be undrinkable, but is sour enough to make you pucker after taking a sip. Now typically when reviewing energy drinks we score them by three criteria on a 1-10 scale. First we talk about the level of carbonation ie how carbonated the beverage is, next level of sweetness and lastly strength of flavor, we stole this review scale from our man Caffeine Man so credit to him. So let's get into the scoring

Ghost Energy Drink Sour Strips Carbonation Level - 6.5

We rate the Sour Strip Ghost Drinks a 6.5  in terms of carbonation. It's got a good level of carbonation, but isn't super carbonated to where you struggle to swallow it due to all the bubbles. 

Ghost Energy Drink Sour Strips Strength of Flavor - 8.5

Ghost Energy Drinks typically have a pretty strong flavor, some of them almost being too much to the point of being syrupy or having too much flavor. Ghost hit the sweet spot with Sour Strips, it's not overly sweet, but manages to get the flavor and the tartness of Sour Strip Candies spot on. We give it an 8.5 in terms of strength of flavor.

Ghost Energy Drink Sour Strips Level of Sweetness - 7

In terms of the level of sweetness, it's sweet enough to be tasty and be true to the candy, but not so sweet to the point that it's syrupy and you don't want to drink an entire can. Ghost really did a fantastic job here and we rate it a 7 in terms of sweetness level.


This may be the best Ghost Energy flavor  yet and that's saying something considering what a great job Ghost did with the Sour Patch Kids flavors as well as others. This drink is quite sour which is unique for energy drinks and which gives it a crisp refreshing finish with a little pucker. The carbonation perfectly went along with the level of sweetness and strength of flavor. This flavor is also unique and not like any other energy drink we've ever tried. While it's probably not something I would drink day in day out, it's definitely something I see myself buying and drinking on a fairly regular basis. The all new Sour Strip Ghost Drinks are just making their way out to retailers so keep your eye out for it here on the Best Price Nutrition website.

Sep 15th 2023 John Frigo

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