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Giant Sports Dexamine Fat Burner

After the success of Giant Sports Delicious Protein, The Company has set their sights on the weight-loss category and competitors are definitely keeping a watchful eye on the relatively new company, though both founders have many years of combined industry experience.

Giant Sports Fat Burner Dexamine is said by the company to exhibit ‘site-specific’ which can be understood as targeting the problem areas of the stomach, love handles & lower back. However Dexamine doesn’t stop there, the description Also touches on the ever-evolving ‘new-feel’ of fat burners which are now becoming more focused on overall mood enhancement.

All in all the ingredients appear to be very sound and if you just-so-happen to be looking for a new product to try. We definitely recommend giving this one a go solely based on the quality ingredients which have been included in Dexamine!

Dexamine Ingredients

  • Erythropalum scandens-Thought to contain N-Benzyl-2-PEA which allows for more PEA to reach the brain resulting in an increased feeling of well-being.
  • Caffeine-Obviously
  • Hordenine Has been found to help signal the body to release fat from triglyceride stores. Hordenine also stimulates the release of norepinephrine.
  • Red Marine Algae Gelidium crinalethe Full of Vitamins & Minerals the Chinese believed that a diet focused on algae cleansed your body and digestive system, thus leading to a drop in weight.
  • Black Tea-Antioxidant rich & have been found to have effects on weight-loss
  • Green Tea-Similar to the effects of Black Tea with potent anti-oxidants & weight management benefits
  • Advantra-Z – The alkaloids of the citrus extract Advantra Z are synephrine and N-methyltyramine. Some tests have shown that the alkaloids exhibit properties similar to ephedrine by increasing the activation of B-receptors.

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By David Schroer