Almost 3 weeks down and feeling good. Made it through Thanksgiving without a single dessert or over indulgence of carbs. I focused on protein and vegetables during the day and also avoided all alcohol. I figured I was just starting my diet so the last thing I wanted to do was sabotage myself from the start. Plus being that it was Thanksgiving I was practicing some self control.

If you've been following my diet on MyFitnessPal you'll see that I am often under my calorie requirement for the day. Honestly this is not an intended goal. I am eating and not feeling as if I am starving or depriving myself. The main reason for this is that my diet is extremely satiating. The high protein, fiber and fats are keeping me full. My lunch of 30-60 grams of protein and vegetables does keep me full for a good amount of time. I am eating more meat and vegetables than I ever have before. In the past my vegetables consisted of potatoes and I was eating a good amount of protein but these mostly came from shakes and protein bars. I feel that my whole food meals keep me fuller longer so that is what I am focusing on. I will have 1-2 shakes per day to help me reach my protein goal though. I usually mix this with greek yogurt or eat some macadamia nuts with the shake. I am also neglecting all protein bars except for the Quest Protein Bars. These are low calorie and do not include sugar alcohols which wreak havoc on my stomach. The bars contain a high amount of fiber which does not make me feel bloated or gassy at all. That is a good thing and the girls in the office thank me greatly for this.

This calorie deficit is good but I do not want my metabolic rate slowing down because of this. To combat this I will add in an extra protein shake and possibly a cheat meal once in a while. My activity level has gone up a lot from the start of this diet and I know my body needs the calories to get through the day. I also would like to build some lean mass and gain some strength while dieting down. Normally this would not be possible but I feel that my diet, workouts and supplementation will help this. I am focusing on the big 3 (squat, bench, deadlift) while adding in ancillary exercises to support strength and balance. As the weeks go by I plan on increasing the volume. You'll have to understand that I literally just started working out again from a long layoff around a month ago. Before that I might go in 1-2 days a week and run or do some arms but that was all.

Speaking of cheat meals... I had my first cheat meal last weekend. I wanted to plan this day out to minimize the damage done from excess calories and just bad food in general. I began the day with a tough leg and shoulders workout and then drank my post-workout shake (Insu-Pro). Then around Noon it was on! I was at a friend's house watching the Bear's miserable performance against the Chiefs and we ordered pizza. I was craving pizza for days so I decided to order a large pizza to myself. This may sound like a lot but I used to eat a family size pizza, large fries and 12 beers without breaking a sweat. I was used to eating that way. So the pizza comes and I dig in. I literally had 6 pieces and began to feel full. I was so disappointed! This was my chance to go crazy and I was getting full already. I managed to get down half of the pizza but I felt very sick after this. My stomach was hurting and I just felt crappy overall. I had a beer with the pizza and this further put the stomach in a wrench. Plus the damn Bears sucked!!! So after that I sat around watching more football (another no-no, I should have been moving around to get the food moving). Then around 7 I got hungry again and we ordered Chinese food. Remember this was my day to cheat. I ate half a plate of Mongolian Beef and an egg roll and felt like puking. I had never felt this way before. But in the end this was a good thing. The two whole weeks leading up to this were full of healthy meals and low calories. This caused my stomach to shrink. Also my body just recognized all of the grease and carbs and I felt it for the next 2 days. Lesson learned! From now on my cheat days will be approached without the hunger of 10 lions and the stomach of a small cub. I will make sure to stick to a smaller meal and not try to go overboard. I was really trying to overindulge myself and that was just plain dumb.

Also I won't be posting my weight weekly anymore. I don't want this to be an obsession with the scale. I will use how I feel and look as my guide rather than how much weight I have lost. I will post maybe once every 2 weeks to keep you guys updated though. After all I do have a goal to meet.

Thanks and talk again soon.....