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What is Insulin & How can it work for us?

If you didn’t know already insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the body! Simply its JOB is to make things GROW! Sounds great doesn’t it? Unfortunately insulin can not only make muscles grow but also has the same effect on our fat cells! Insulin can give us a beautiful physique with big, full muscles, or on the flip side, like the majority of the country; a nice big gut! So naturally the next question which arises is how can we make insulin work for us rather than against us?

Enter Glucose Disposal Agents!

In order to understand how a Glucose Disposal Agent GDA can work for us we must learn how glucose ‘carbs’ can be stored in the body. There are 3 avenues in which the carbohydrates you consume can travel. Either stored as muscle glycogen ‘the goal’, stored as a glycogen in the liver, or as a fat in adipose tissue ‘not the goal’.  Glucose disposal agents (GDAs) help to ensure that carbs are stored as glycogen in hard-working muscles instead of fat.

glucose disposal agents

Glucose Disposal Agent Benefits

  1. Amplify the effects of insulin: So your body needs to use less.
  2. Have “Insulin mimetic” activity: Able to activate glucose uptake independent of exogenous insulin use.
  3. Reduce inflammation: Inflammation decreases insulin sensitivity.
  4. Optimize oxidation: Too much or too little reactive oxygen reduces insulin sensitivity.

Feast Fearlessly!

With the Holiday season upon us, with delicious foods abound be sure that your training hard and before heading to one of the many ‘festival feasts’ be sure to check out the following products and make sure that you are building muscle & not fat!

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By David Schroer