On the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz and his guest Dr. Ian Smith talk about a new revolutionary diet that will help you rid your body of toxins and with a caloric reduced diet you will be able drop several pounds in as few as 6 weeks. The highlight in this diet is supplementing with powerful antioxidants to help your body attain the tools to fight against oxidative stress and to turn those fat searing elements on. There is a specific ingredient that both of these Doctors recommend that will help turn on those fat burning receptors on that will help you drop inches in your waistlne. What is that fat burning ingredient? Hibiscus Tea!

Dr Oz: Shred Diet Plan Eating Detox

Dr. Oz and his guest discuss this revolutionary diet plan that will help you shred those unwanted pounds and even keep them off with supplementing with powerful anti-oxidants and a restricted caloric diet. Just follow the steps in the Shred Diet Program and include this sample diet day and you will notice results in as few as 1 week.

    Drink a glass of water with Lemon and Flaxseed Oil or add Flaxseeds to your favorite muffin recipe

    1 cup 100% Natural Hibiscus Tea, which is loaded with antioxidants

    1 cup 100% Pure Cranberry Juice

    No Alcohol

Why Include Natural Hibiscus Tea?

Hibiscus contains phaseolamin, a micronutrient that may inhibit your body's ability to absorb fats. This same mechanism of action that reduces absorption of fat may also allow you to eat the occasional fatty meal with less weight gain. Supplementing with Hibiscus tea alone may not generate noticeable results but when included in the detox diet it will help fight off fight and curb your appetite.

Is this Diet for me?

The Shred diet can pretty much be used by anyone looking to reduce their weight as well as remove some of those toxins form the body to help restore the natural balance of things. Dr. Oz notes that while many diet plans include a Detox in the beginning, Dr. Ian Smith’s Shred diet plan actually has a detox near the end of the six weeks. He explains that this is because people often feel intimidated by a Detox at the beginning of a diet, so he likes to ease people into it, which is why he includes a detox at the end of his plan. The best part is that Dr. Smith calls it and Eating Detox because you are still eating your meals and snacks every day, but adding the Detox as well.

Where Can I Purchase the Natural Hibiscus Tea?

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By Tony Brettman