iForce Nutrition Hemavo2This is a product from iForce Nutrition that I have been waiting for a long time. I have been using Hemavol for a few years now and love everything from the pumps to the taste (except one flavor...), and then when iForce came out with the new Max Out...I was really loving that product as well. Especially if you stacked them together, that was a great pre-workout stack. And now they come out with Hemavo2!


What is Hemavo2?

There is very little we know about this product right now. Looking at the picture, it's obvious that the first flavor coming out is Juicy Watermelon. Surprised it wasn't Lemon Drop, which is my favorite flavor, but watermelon is a close second. And they know how to flavor pre-workouts. Like Body Nutrition knows protein flavoring, these guys know pre-workout flavoring. On the bottle it claims a few benefits to taking this product:

  • Intense Pumps
  • Zoned in Focus
  • Increased Strength

Sounds like everything you want from a pre-workout formula huh?

Want to be a Beta Tester?

I am hoping to be a beta tester for this product. Do you want to be a beta tester? You just have to go to the iForce Nutrition Facebook Page, follow the instructions, and then sign up to be in the iForce Nation here. Now if you get lucky and become a beta tester, we just ask that you do some updates on our Best Price Nutrition Facebook page! We all want to know well Hemavo2 works!