iForce Nutrition has recently announced a new version of Thermoxyn that will be in powder form.  So far the only two flavors that will be offered are Very Cherry Lime and Rainbow Sherbet.  This powder version looks to do the same thing as the capsule form except now you'll be able to mix it and have a flavored drink.  Thermoxyn will help you lose weight, lose body fat, control your appetite, enhance your energy, and enhance your mood. 

If you have not checked yet, iForce is giving away this version of Thermoxyn for free on their Instagram.  If you're a fan of iForce and Thermoxyn, then you should enter!

Not too sure yet what makes up this ingredient profile, but that information should be released very soon.  Maybe it'll be the exact same as the capsule version, so let's take a look at what the capsule form offers. 

Thermoxyn looks to give you that edge and advantage you need to help you reach your goals for a leaner and meaner you.  It is an ultra concentrated thermogenic that contains unique ingredients to enhance your body's systems to lose weight and burn fat faster than you know.  Burn fat while retaining muscle and increase your basal metabolic rate while increasing your all-day energy levels. 

Thermoxyn is designed with Adrenaplex, Thermoplex, Retainplex, and Metaplex.  Adrenaplex is the energy enhancement matrix that provides limitless energy without the crash.  Thermoplex uses a thermogenic amplification matrix that alters your body's internal thermostat which tells your body to turn up the heat.  This allows for increased fat loss.  Retainplex uses a muscle retention matrix that consists of unique compounds to preserve muscle even in a caloric deficit.  This allows you to burn more calories while obtaining more muscle.  Metaplex uses a metabolic boost matrix to rev-up your metabolism and help you get the body you have always dreamed of. 

We have the capsule form in stock and look to have the powder version soon! 

IFORCE Thermoxyn 120 Caps