Integrity Driven Nutrition

I attended the Europa Expo Games this past weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was a great show and I was able to meet a ton of new vendors and supplement manufacturers. One that stood out above the other new ones launching was Integrity Driven Nutrition. This company is headed up by no other than Collin Wayne.

Who is Collin Wayne & Integrity Driven Nutrition?

He is a fitness model, athlete, vet, father and husband that is releasing a brand new line of sports nutrition supplements. The brand is Integrity Driven Nutrition. I was excited about the products after seeing his passion for the line and his pursuit to cut past the BS in the industry and offer quality products with high doses of ingredients all which were transparent on the label, so you knew exactly what you were getting of each. Something that is catching on in the industry, but is still rare, especially for a new company.

What Products Are Available?

At the show I was able to get my hands on some of the supplements that they will be releasing. I personally loved the Key Essentials Fruits and Greens, but here is the list:

  • Key Essentials Fruits and Greens
  • Pre-Driven for Her
  • Pre-Driven for Him
  • Lean Driven for Her
  • Pump Driven
  • Vita Driven

They had a ton of samples at the show and I am really excited to try these out coming up throughout the week before my workouts. I will try to review them as in-depth as possible with the samples I have. This is a line we will be looking into getting sometime this year, as I really do believe it's going to be a breakout supplement company and you will be seeing more of them in 2016 and 2017.